Pooping: Yes, my friends, pooping!

You’ll hear me talk about this one a LOT…like obsessed with making sure my clients POOP!


Because when we do not poop daily it is like we are carrying out trash around with us. Seriously…who wants to do that!! Now, we also do not want to be pooping all day everyday with no absorption. That’s why having some good gut bacteria is key. I like to describe the good and bad bacteria in the gut like an army.

When you support your bowels with good healthy probiotic or fermented foods then you are creating an army of good bacteria in your gut flora. They are ready to fight your battles for you! When you come into contact with some kind of bacteria then your terrain of healthy soldiers are ready to fight for you! That healthy bacteria also cuts down on the junk we eat and along with the water you’ll have from your daily good water habit, the good bacteria soldiers will be able to push out the waste you don’t need.

So, work on that gut flora, poop! You’ll be glad you did!

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