Sleep: Imperative for good health.

When we don’t’ sleep we are grumpy and our resistance is down. We tend to gain weight around the middle because our cortisol rises because our stress rises when we are tired. When the cortisol rises our immune system is compromised.  This creates a never ending cycle of illness and exhaustion.

  • Sleep actually helps to increase the serotonin and dopamine in our brain; our happy hormones.  
  • Sleeping deeply can also allow your cells to rest which in turn helps to lower your blood sugar.
    This is a good thing as it give the digestive system a chance to catch up and digest all the food you’ve eaten throughout the day. In fact, the break from that fasting is why we have ‘breakfast”.
  • Blood pressure also lowers during sleep and this helps the circulatory system.  

Having some down time for short periods of time, even naps, can have some long term pay offs for the heart, the endocrine system, and the brain.

 Take some zzz’s and give yourself some help. 

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