Recently, I’ve done some pretty in-depth studying about the calendar. I did this because of a Bible curriculum I’ve been writing and facilitating called Bible F.R.E.A.K. – it stands for Finding Real Ecclesiastical Awareness and Knowledge.  Wow has it been fascinating!!

In one of the units of study we discuss Astrology and what kind of possibilities there are from a biblical perspective. Now before you say, “no way, there’s not a biblical perspective of astrology except that it is wrong”, hear me out!!

There are many things I could share here, but in a nut shell it originates with the 12 Tribes of Israel.  The Jewish people still follow the Hebraic calendar which follows the moon. At each new moon there is a new Jewish month. Each of these months have a basis from one of the tribes.  Yep, that’s about as small of a nut shell that I can get it in for now.

What I really want to share with you is the amazingness of these Jewish months. I’ve learned so much here and I hope you’ll come back each new moon and learn along with me.

To answer some questions from the beginning:

– No, I have not changed my faith to become Jewish, not that it matters.
– No, I’m not worshipping the moon.
– Yes, I’m finding out more and more of God’s word and the amazing gifts he’s given us in his creation and his word.

So, here goes!!

This month which begins on September 17th is called the month of Tishri.
It is actually month SEVEN in the Hebraic calendar and is of the tribe of Ephraim.

There are many things associated with these months and they include a Hebrew letter, characteristics, a gemstone, a season, and a constellation.

Here are the highlights:

-The Alphabet is Lamed – which signifies the aspiration to return to your absolute source.
-Characteristics of Tishri are completion – fullness, returning to God, and experiencing his glory.
-This month is linked to awakening and removing that which would keep you from returning.
-The constellation is Libra – where deeds of man are weighed and judgment is released.
-The stone is the Black Onyx or Agate.

This month begins the Autumn season. Tishrei is the month of the strong – or the month of the ancients. More than any other month of the year, this month is the month of God’s appointed times – the time of redemption and independence.

God wants us to recognize his redemptive plan for each month – this isn’t fortune telling but bringing God’s spiritual plan of redemption to the earthly realm.

Psalm 19:6 says
“Its rising is from the end of the heavens,
    and its circuit to the end of them,
    and there is nothing hidden from its heat.”

 The heavens declare the glory of God and the word circles the earth until we begin to PULL the WORD down and see the manifestation in our midst.

Because this month is associated with the constellation Libra which pictures the deeds of man weighed and judgment released it is the month to concentrate more on the justice system than you do in other months.

This month is linked with arousal and awakening as well as with bitterness which keeps us from returning to the Lord. It is also the month of well-balanced control. In this month things are completing and things are beginning.

So what do we do with this information? First, realize that in the Dark Ages it was the church that changed the calendar – God never has. All that He created for us still stands.
My goal is to learn more and use this to draw closer to my creator, God of the Universe, and lover of my soul. In doing so, I hope that it brings others closer as well.

This incredible artwork by James Nesbit represents Tishrei well. I hope you enjoy it.

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