New Moon Cheshvan

October 16, 2020 begins a new moon and thus a new Jewish calendar month.

This has been a fascinating study for me in learning more about how that all God created, he wastes absolutely nothing. Let’s look together at what this month brings and how we can reflect on being stronger and more centered to how we were created.

This is the month of Cheshvan.  This is the only month which has no HEBREW holidays.  There are holidays represented during this month in the Gregorian or Roman calendar (Halloween and Thanksgiving) but, not Hebrew holidays.  The next couple of months make up for it though, for sure!!

What is Cheshvan?

The month of Chesvan is considered the “month of Messiah”.

This month is a time to allow the fragrance of God to permeate your soulish nature. We need to be cautious not to go back into the Greek mindset and think God is dealing with only spiritual issues  – God sanctifies us spirit, soul and body – he cares for it all.

The Jews believe the soul responds in this month in unusual ways.

This is a time to activate your ability to dissect and assimilate things. A month to war with words. Words that are not spoken correctly go into the inward parts of you stomach. Lots of stomach problems are the result of receiving wrong words

We yell from our inner being – I AM SATASFIED – and push out ANYTHING in you that is dissatisfied.

Cheshvan and History

An interesting fact is that the great flood began in Cheshvan, and ended the following year on Cheshvan. Noah brought his sacrifice to God and God swore never again to bring a flood.

Cheshvan is a month reserved for the anointing in which God pulls you aside to draw a new anointing out of you.
This can be an easy month or a hard month because HE must press the anointing out of you.

Revelation can abound in this month as you flow in a supernatural dimension.

Notable Characteristics

Some interesting characteristics and representations of this month are:

The Alphabet – Nun – symbolizes the Messiah

The month of Messiah and the number 8 signifies eternal revelation and new beginning.

This month is connected with the fragrance of myrrh – let your sense of smell come alive!! A time of digesting what you have heard.

Constellation: Scorpio – tread on serpents and scorpions.

Stone – Black Onyx or Agate

The scorpion and the snake are also symbols of this month. God has given us authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, this is the month to stand in your authority.

How will you use Cheshvan?

I would ask you, how will you connect all of this in this month beginning today on the new moon? Will you dismiss what you’ve read and consider it malarky? New Age? Old Information that doesn’t pertain to today?


Will you embrace the opportunity to be satisfied, to look at yourself, things in your life and dissect and assimilate those things that are no longer serving you? Will you continue to allow the words of others or words you have spoken over yourself to root deep within you causing physical issues?

I hope you will STAND. Stand firm in the authority of who you are in Christ and see this amazing world that was created by the God of the Universe and the lover of your soul for what it is….fearfully and wonderfully made!

Shalom! Peace!

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