Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’re looking forward to some savory meals for the holidays. This week, we have an awesome recipe to add to your holiday line up and some root vegetables that you didn’t know were so beneficial for your health.


My grandmother made the most delicious pickled beets ever!! All of her kids followed her recipe but they never tasted like hers. Maybe she held her mouth different? I wonder if she knew that beets are classified as a superfood because they are packed with all the goods making them one of the most nutritious vegetables. They are loaded with things like beta-carotene, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. Beets also have a high fiber, folate, nitrate, and manganese content. Lowering blood pressure, improving heart health, increasing blood flow to your brain, and decreasing inflammation throughout the body are just a few of the awesome super powers of the beet. Beets are extremely versatile in food, also. You can find beets roasted with other vegetables, steamed, raw in a salad, juiced, or even pickled, just like grandma use to make….well if you hold your mouth just right.Some great accent foods that compliment beets wonderfully are citrus fruits like oranges, blueberries, goat cheese, ground cumin, and walnuts.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatotes are high on the list of easily cooked vegetables… probably second only to the classic Russet Potato. They’ve even been referred to as the “perfect food” because of the nutritional content. Sweet potatoes are brightly colored and highly nutritious boasting loads of fiber, vitamin C, manganese, vitamin A, and antioxidants. Sweet Potatoes help in regulating blood sugar, improving immune function, combating vision loss, and increasing skin health. Sweet potatoes are awesome when you bake, roast, mash, or sauté them. They can also be made into muffins, soup, or cookies. Some great accent foods that compliment sweet potatoes best are cinnamon, ginger, pecans, curry, raisins, maple syrup, honey, and milk.  


Like my grandma, Bugs Bunny has some extra knowledge about those carrots he always chewed on. Those bright orange and oh so popular root vegetable really pack a punch! Like beets, carrots are also high on the “most nutritious” list with added benefits like vitamin A, vitamin K, and antioxidants. Carrots can lower cholesterol for humans and animals, can help in lowering macular degeneration, and have been proven to lower the risk of certain cancers. Carrots are delicious when eaten raw, sautéed, or roasted. Some great accent foods for carrots are hummus, broccoli, garlic, lemon, honey, cinnamon, and cumin.


Celery is not something you would usually think about when root vegetables are mentioned. Celery is high in vitamin C, phosphorus, and vitamin K. It helps with blood clotting, bone health, and can help lower cholesterol. Celery is very versatile and is great raw, cooked, sauteed with other root vegetables, or juiced. Some great accent foods for celery are peanut butter, apples, carrots, and honey.


Ginger is another powerhouse root vegetable with anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and detoxification properties. It is great in helping to keep morning sickness at bay, helping to reduce inflammation, reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis, and detoxifying your body. Ginger can be added into vegetable dishes, juiced with a smoothie, and can be added to tea, soups, and stews.

Let’s have a challenge! Add in a healthy option of a traditional favorite or our recipe of the week and send us a picture of your awesome creation. We would love to see what you come up with while spending time with those you love. I hope that you learned some new things this week about some vegetables you are already familiar with. Enjoy this holiday season with some good food, friends, and family.

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