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Let’s SHAPE Your Life

By pwsadmin / January 22, 2021 /

How the SHAPE Program Works The SHAPE Program is a health transformation plan that is customized to meet your goals. I am proud to tell you that Selah Wellness has…

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Giving the Gift of Elongated Life

By pwsadmin / December 18, 2020 /

What is the very best gift you can give to your family and friends? YOU! The best and most cherished gift you can give those close to you is the…

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Essential Oils for the Season & Their Uses

By pwsadmin / December 11, 2020 /

So often we have heard the story of the three wisemen who brought gifts to Mary and Joseph of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold. There are so many more oils that…

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Preparing for the Holidays: Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically

By pwsadmin / December 4, 2020 /

With Christmas coming soon, the days seem to go by at rapid pace, but last forever. Do you feel that, too? Christmas can’t get here soon enough, but you have…

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Root Vegetables & Their Benefits

By pwsadmin / November 20, 2020 /

  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’re looking forward to some savory meals for the holidays. This week, we have an awesome recipe to…

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Setting Healthy Boundaries

By pwsadmin / November 13, 2020 /

We have a doozy for you today!! There is a LOT about boundaries we can discuss, and we are putting so much into today’s blog. Grab your coffee/ tea and…

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Making Sure Memories Last

By pwsadmin / November 5, 2020 /

The brain is so complex and unique that it is sometimes a terrifying thing to take on. We want to take it step by step and see what small changes…

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Simple vs Complex Carbohydrates

By pwsadmin / October 30, 2020 /

The weather is getting cooler and that can only mean one thing… It’s carb season! Who doesn’t love a good flavored coffee, loaded baked potato soup, or some warm pancakes?…

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Seasonal Spices & Benefits

By pwsadmin / October 23, 2020 /

Can you feel it? The chill coming in the air…even in Texas. Leaves are changing…brown is change. We are at the end of the year…thank God!! And the holidays are…

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New Moon: Cheshvan

By pwsadmin / October 16, 2020 /

October 16, 2020 begins a new moon and thus a new Jewish calendar month. This has been a fascinating study for me in learning more about how that all God…

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